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Hello world!

Being a programmer at heart it seems appropriate to stick with the classic “hello world” for starting off!

I’ve been programming in one way or another since my dad bought a TRS-80 Model I many years ago. My first real project was a BASIC program that would convert text to pig Latin and it all took off from there. Now that I think about it there’s even a chance that I still have that original code – I should go look for it!

Recently I was adding a new project to my Bitbucket account and realized I had a lot of code in there that might be useful for other people and it was a shame to keep it locked up. I had been hording it as if it was something secret but it really didn’t need to be. I decided that I would made as much as possible public on GitHub and write a little bit about each project. Some of it is certainly a bit crusty but there’s a chance some of it might be useful. I’ve only managed to move a little so far so expect more to show up as I make progress.

We also have a small collection of critters (hermit crabs, African clawed frogs, a bunch of freshwater tropical fish, two cats, and a dog) and are planning to add some new ones (axolotls and White’s tree frogs) in the near future – so plan on seeing some posts about them as well.

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